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We have some great packages on offer however we offer a range of boat detailing services to suit your needs. 


Take a look at our services below and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions prior to your next boat detail.

Boat Washing

​Regular washing of your vessel will not only keep the vessel itself in good condition but also keep the products protecting your vessel working to their full potential. 


At Gold Coast Boat Detailing, we ensure that the boat washes we use will not breakdown your vessels protective coatings.

All of our washes are followed up by a thorough wipe down to dry up excess water and minimise water spotting. 

Compounding / Polishing

We restore oxidised gelcoat and painted finishes with the use of cutting compounds and ​polishes to renew lustre prior to applying any protective coatings. 

We only use products that are compatible with the vessels gelcoat or paint finish. 

Our techniques ensure that our finishes are free of holograms. 

Protective Coatings

Wax, sealants or ceramic coatings are applied to your vessel to ensure your gelcoat, paint or vinyl wrap is protected against the harsh marine environment. 

We are happy to work with you to ensure the selected protective coating is the most suitable for your vessel based on how you use it, how it is stored and of course, your preferred budget. 

Clears, Acrylic & Polycarbonate

Clears are by far one of the most delicate surfaces on your vessel and must be treated with care. 

We clean and protect all types of boat clears. The protective coating creates an anti static / hydrophobic barrier to increase visibility and safety in all weather conditions. 

Regular maintenance is a lot more cost effective than replacement!


Glass windscreens and windows are washed and dried to avoid introducing water spots. 

Products are applied to remove the bulk of mineral deposits and the glass polished to restore clarity prior to applying protective coatings. 

Glass sealants or ceramic coatings can be applied to your glass windscreen and windows to create a hydrophobic barrier which helps minimise water spotting, providing increased visibility and safety. 

Teak Rejuvenation

Teak flooring can either make or break a vessels appearance. Luckily, ​they are relatively easy to maintain. 


The most ideal maintenance is to give them a wash down weekly to avoid dirt and dust building up and working its way into the grain of the timber, however we understand this is not always practical. 


We aim to minimise sanding by using products that rejuvenate the teak.


Rejuvenated teak can be left raw or sealed to enhance its natural appearance and maintain your boats value.

Corrosion / Stain Removal

Over time, the harsh marine environment can cause corrosion to metal parts which can lead to unsightly staining.

Gold Coast Boat Detailing can remove stains on gelcoat, painted or vinyl surfaces using specialty products (results vary).

Metal Polishing

Gold Coast Boat Detailing can remove staining and restore the lustre to your stainless steel rails and deck hardware. 

Sealants or ceramic coatings can be applied to your stainless and aluminium surfaces to restore the passive layer which helps minimise salt / UV damage and ultimately, corrosion that may lead to expensive replacement costs!

Internal Detailing

Nobody likes a dirty home. So why would you let your home away from home get dirty? 

We remove mould and clean everything top to bottom from the ceiling to the floor, walls, galley, head, births, cabin lockers, helm, vinyl / leather surfaces and much more. 


Not only do we clean, we can also protect your internal surfaces to make your life easier on board.

Make sure your vessel is free of bacteria and allergens!

Vinyl and Leather Care

Gold Coast Boat Detailing can clean and condition your vinyl and leather surfaces.

The majority of stains can be successfully removed however it will greatly depend on the existing condition of the material and the product that caused the staining. 

We can apply ceramic or protective coatings to vinyl and leather surfaces to minimise future staining and degradation from UV.


We help you avoid expensive replacement costs! 

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

We can spot clean or use hot water extraction to clean your carpets and upholstery to remove deep-seated dirt, oils, stains, dust mites, bacteria and allergens.

We pre-treat all areas and target stains.

Not only will your carpet and upholstery look great upon completion but you and your health will thank us for it. 

Linen Services

We will remove your bedding and manchester as required, have it cleaned, pressed, returned to your vessel and re-fitted. 

Sleep easy knowing your bedding and towels are clean and fresh. 

We turn over the engines and bring them up to operating temperature to ensure they do not sit un-used for long periods of time which may lead to internal corrosion of engine and exhaust parts. 

Engine Run Up

At Gold Coast Boat Detailing we will happily provide one off detailing services or look after your vessel as part of a detailing program. ​

Regular detailing is more cost effective and helps retain your vessels value.

Scheduled Detailing Program

We can undertake a pre sale detail to help your boat get noticed and achieve your asking price.


If you have purchased a boat, let us give it a clean up so you can start fresh and really make it yours.

Selling or Purchasing?