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We have some great packages on offer however we offer a range of boat detailing services to suit your needs. 


Take a look at our services below and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions prior to your next boat detail.

Boat washng gold coast

Boat Washing

We highly recommend washing down your vessel once a month (minimum) with a good quality, biodegradable wash and wax. 


Doing so will remove salt and pollutants to keep your vessel looking its best and extend the time between details. 

Gold Coast Boat Detailing offers a range of discounted wash plans for those avid boaters who want nothing but the best for their vessels.

boat polishing gold coast

Cut and Polish

We can cut and polish your boats gelcoat or paint to restore it to its former glory.

At Gold Coast Boat Detailing, we will only undertake the cutting step if it is absolutely necessary! The aim of any cut and polish is to remove as little material is possible to achieve the desired result. 

Our products and techniques ensure that your boat is left free of holograms. 

boat sealants

Protective Coatings

Gold Coast Boat Detailing can apply wax, sealants or ceramic coatings to protect your gelcoat, paint or vinyl wraps. 

Our preference is to avoid waxing where possible and opt for sealants that provide a superior finish by eliminating the streaking that waxes can leave behind. 

Unsure of the best option for your boat? Please don't hesitate to ask!

wash, polish, coatings
cleaning boat clears

Boat Clears

Clears are by far one of the most delicate surfaces on your vessel and must be treated with care. 

We gently clean and protect all types of boat clears. The protective coating creates an anti static / hydrophobic barrier that makes it difficult for salt, dust and dirt stick to. 

Always rinse your clears after a day out on the water and gently dry with a clean microfibre towel or chamois.

Regular maintenance is a lot more cost effective than replacement!

glass polishing on a boat

Glass Polishing

Gold Coast Boat Detailing can polish your windscreens, hatches and port-lights to remove water spots that have etched into the glass. 


Once the clarity has been restored, your glass is protected with a sealant to create a hydrophobic barrier that water beads off. 

Always rinse your glass surfaces after a day out on the water and dry with a squeegee or chamois.


After drying with a chamois, a quick wipe over with a dry microfibre towel will remove any streaks.

Teak decking on a boat

Teak Rejuvenation

Teak flooring will naturally grey over time however its golden appearance can be restored if desired.


Gold Coast Boat Detailing aims to minimise harsh scrubbing and sanding of the teak during the rejuvenation process.


Once restored, teak can be sealed to maintain its golden appearance for longer.

Want to do it yourself? Please don't use pressure washers and only scrub across the grain! 

Why? Feel free to ask us!

Clears, Glass, Teak
Removing rust and stains from gelcoat

Corrosion / Stain Removal

Over time, the harsh marine environment can cause corrosion to metal parts which can lead to unsightly staining on your vessels gelcoat or paint.

Gold Coast Boat Detailing can remove these stains!

stainless steel polish

Metal Polishing

Gold Coast Boat Detailing can remove tea staining and restore the lustre to your stainless steel rails and deck hardware. 

Polishing your stainless will not only increase the aesthetics of your vessel, but provides a protective layer that increases your time between polishes so you can enjoy more boating! 

boat cleaning gold coast

Internal Detailing

 Gold Coast Boat Detailing can treat mould and clean everything top to bottom from the Cockpit and Saloon, to the Cabin, Galley, Head and Berths.


Not only do we clean, we can also protect your internal surfaces to make your life easier on board.

Make sure your vessel is free of bacteria and allergens!

Stains, Metal, Internal
vinyl and leather cleaning

Vinyl and Leather Care

Gold Coast Boat Detailing can clean and condition your vinyl and leather surfaces.

The majority of stains can be successfully removed however it is much easier to keep seating clean after each trip rather than trying to remove set in stains.


Give us a call! We may be able to help you avoid expensive replacement costs! 

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets and upholstery can be deep cleaned to remove dirt, oils, most stains, dust mites, bacteria and allergens using professional hot water extraction.

Just because your carpet doesn't "look" dirty, it doesn't mean it isn't! It's the germs we can't see that make us sick!

Carpet cleaning is often the most overlooked maintenance item on any vessel.

Linen cleaning services

Linen Services

We will remove your bedding and manchester as required, have it cleaned, pressed, returned to your vessel and re-fitted. 

Sleep easy knowing your bedding and towels are clean and fresh. 

Vinyl, Carpet, Linen
boat helm detailing

Engine Run Up

We turn over the engines and bring them up to operating temperature to ensure they do not sit idle for long periods.

Corrosion can quickly form in exhaust manifolds, exhaust elbows and heat exchangers with the presence of air. 

The more often the vessel is run, the better... Just ask any marine mechanic!

boat detailing schedule

Detailing Program

At Gold Coast Boat Detailing we will happily provide one off detailing services or look after your vessel on a monthly or quaterly basis.

Payment for ongoing services can be paid in advance, allowing you to better manage your cash-flow and receive discounted rates.


Selling or Purchasing?

We can undertake a pre sale detail to help your boat get noticed and achieve your asking price.


If you have purchased a boat, let us give it a clean up so you can start fresh and really make it yours.

Runup, Program, Selling
Custom dock lines gold coast

Custom Mooring Lines

Take the stress out of docking with custom mooring lines to suit your berth.  

Gold Coast Boat Detailing can supply and install custom bow, stern and spring lines from double braid polyester or 3 strand nylon. 

Simply pull up to your berth and slip the lines over your cleats to ensure your boat is in the perfect position every time!

Hull polishing gold coast

Hull Polishing

Gold Coast Boat Detailing is insured to work in any marina or hard stand facility in Queensland!


 If your boat is coming out of the water for anti-fouling or servicing, let us polish the hull for you!

vinyl boat decals gold coast

Vinyl Decals

Gold Coast Boat Detailing offers supply and installation of custom vinyl boat names and registration decals. 

We use Metamark M7 vinyl that offers up to 8 years durability outdoors for white / black, up to 7 years for colours and up to 5 years for metalics. 

View the wide range of colours. (size restrictions apply)

Lines, Hull, Vinyl
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